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Mar 4, 2018


We wanted to let you know that we aren’t going to leave you hanging.  We are working as we speak on Shepherd and Rommel’s Story. 


While you are all out there waiting, patiently for some… not so patiently for others… (we’ve read the reviews)… 


I wanted share with you a couple of other things you might enjoy.  First, if you like audio dramas like ours, please check out the Podcast Radio Theater group on facebook…

Many of you know Mike Brown from pleasing terrors, and he has together this group


Mike put the group together to have a place for listeners to discuss the audio dramas that they are listening to and find recommendations for new ones.   When you get there, please tell them that Sam sent you... 


I also wanted to share a project that is close to my heart, I love learning about history, and my time in the army and the marines has given me a particular affinity for military history.  My good friend Jeff Adamec is a former Green Beret who does a podcast called Changing Hearts and Minds…. not long ago, he invited me along with several other podcasters like Brad Taylor for the Sofa King Podcast to help him out on a special Mini Series podcast called Lessons in Leadership, a show that tracks episode by episode the HBO Mini Series band of brother’s based on Stephen Ambrose’s marvelous book.


It is a fascinating discussion about the show, and the real people who were portrayed…   And Jeff Knows what he is talking about, this guy was a Special Forces Weapons Non-Commissioned Officer with 18 years of service including  6 total Combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, he was awarded the Silver Star, 4 Bronze Stars, Army Commendation Medal with V device for Valor, and a Purple Heart.


He spends his limited free time doing Veterans awareness and outreach on issues like mental health and suicide prevention through public speaking.   He doesn’t like it when you say it, but if there are heroes, it is this guy.




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